Cloud-computing platform provider Vultr today announced the release of a content delivery network (CDN) that enables content and media caching close to the edge.

Vultr CDN offers turnkey services that help developers scale their websites and applications without compromising on security, according to the company’s announcement.

Businesses, the company wrote, “require immediate access to a powerful, scalable, and global content delivery network to accelerate digital content distribution and keep up with customer demand.”  The addition of Vultr CDN content and media caching to the company’s cloud infrastructure gives developers simplified, scalable infrastructure and on-demand global availability of their assets, Vultr wrote.

Traditional CDNs were complex, leaving it to the business and web developers to configure, manage and optimize the networks. It’s akin to “driving a BMW without any tires,” Kevin Cochrane, Vultr’s chief marketing officer, told ITOps Times. “CDN should be baked into compute infrastructure.”

Vultr CDN provides “fast, secure and reliable content distribution” that’s optimized for such things as content acceleration, image optimization and API caching, according to the announcement. The broad reach of Vultr Cloud Compute platform, available in 32 locations across six continents, lets developers spin up virtual machines in less than a minute, giving businesses the ability to compete in the fast-paced, I-want-it-NOW world of customer service.

Other benefits of the new CDN include compliance with security standards to ensure data integrity and trust, low bandwidth costs and a $10 per month rate, and seamless integration with popular CMS platforms.

To learn more about Vultr CDN, visit the website.