Catchpoint, the digital experience monitoring (DEM) expert, announced today that effective immediately, all customers will receive access to the company’s Real User Monitoring (RUM) solution along with their existing proactive Synthetic Monitoring as one unified Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

“Coupled together, synthetic and real user data provide the most unified and complete picture of end-user experience for our customers to understand and optimize their web performance (speed, availability, and reliability) and accelerate time to insight,” says Mehdi Daoudi, CEO, Catchpoint. “Our RUM capabilities leverage many of the same key features as our Synthetic Monitoring, including the ability to measure real end-user performance from anywhere in the world; rich analytics enabling faster, more accurate issue resolution; and business-impact analysis. Our Dataviews capabilities empower customers to create various data preparation models, allowing them to spend time optimizing their digital experiences rather than wasting time filtering and optimizing queries or hiring expensive consultants.”

Catchpoint continues to innovate in the RUM space with the introduction of two powerful features relying on an algorithmic approach: Outage Analyzer, which learns from historical traffic patterns to predict outages, and User Engagement Estimator which helps both business and IT understand the impact of proposed changes on performance and conversions by simulating “what-if” scenarios. Catchpoint also leverages its scalable RUM ingestion platform to extend beyond web pages and into single page apps, mobile apps, IoT, and infrastructure telemetry.

“Catchpoint’s RUM tool stands out from all others that we evaluated because it allows us to send our own custom metric from the page to our portal, enabling us to see what the actual customer experience looks like from different parts of the world. In the past, data has loaded more slowly on the page than we would like, from regions like APAC and South America,” says Alpesh Shah, Senior Manager, Application Development, AppNexus. “Catchpoint RUM helps us better understand latency by providing a more granular view of its cause, whether it’s an application or ISP, or something we can improve within our own network.”

Catchpoint’s RUM tool captures real end-user interaction data once site visitors enter a site or application, enabling customers to identify their most critical landing pages and conversion paths and prioritize these for performance optimization. The RUM solution allows customers to correlate bottlenecks identified by synthetic monitoring to real end-user behavioral outcomes (for example, transaction abandonments).

Catchpoint’s RUM complements its leading Synthetic Monitoring solution which proactively measures the speed and availability of APIs, web, and mobile applications from over 750 global locations on the internet backbone, broadband, last mile, mobile and cloud. Customers can also deploy Synthetic Monitoring on-premise to monitor their digital workforce toolsets such as Salesforce, Office 365 and Workday, where performance issues can become enterprise productivity bottlenecks. Customers can achieve faster time-to-value by implementing their monitoring strategies in minutes, giving them round-the-clock assurance that their digital properties and services are consistently available and fast.

“Our decision to provide a Real User Monitoring solution for free to all our Synthetic Monitoring customers as part of one platform is a very natural step,” continues Daoudi. “Our company prides itself on providing the most extensive data and analytics for both synthetic monitoring and RUM in one unified platform. Our customers will have a stereo vision into their end-users’ experiences by combining synthetic monitoring data – which proactively detects and preempts technical problems affecting the digital delivery chain – with RUM data, which quantifies the bottom line impact.”

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