Kuberhealthy is a Kubernetes operator for running synthetic checks as pods and works best with Prometheus. The project is now part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and requires Kubernetes 1.16 or above.

Users can write their own tests in any language and Kuberhealthy will run them to automatically create metrics for Prometheus. 

Kuberhealthy allows users to continuously check the performance of applications and Kubernetes clusters. A custom resource, known as a KuberhealthyCheck, can be created in the cluster to enable synthetic tests and provide Prometheus metrics.

The project provides many checks to ensure the core functionality of Kubernetes, and users can also create their own checks to test any application. Writing a check container in any language is quick and easy, and Kuberhealthy encourages users to do so.

Kuberhealthy reports the status of all checks on a JSON page, a Prometheus metrics endpoint, and it also supports forwarding metrics to InfluxDB for use with an alerting solution.

Users can create synthetic tests to check their applications and APIs with real-world use cases. This is a great way to be confident that applications function as expected in the real world at all times.

Additional details on the project are available here.