Single sign-on (SSO) for backend infrastructure provider strongDM has announced that it now offers the ability to secure access to all classes of tools that technical staff use.

The company has extended support over the past two years to include more database management, SSH, RDP, and kubectl. Other new support include delegation of credentials to third-party vaults, clouds, any internal web application, more database management systems, more SSOs like Auth0 and VMware Identity One.

The latest release also includes a new API with SDKs to support automation across Go, Java, Python, Ruby, and other preferred languages. The company also added enhancements to existing protocols, such as Mongo Atlas, SSH certificate-based authentication and SSH port forwarding, and automatic detection and support of Windows RDP NLA. 

“strongDM is the only comprehensive access and auditing solution for any infrastructure asset technical staff reach for,” said Elizabeth Zalman, CEO of strongDM. “Just as SSOs solved end-user access to web applications, there is now a comparable solution that enables DevOps teams to securely provide access to any employee who needs access.”