The security learning company Secure Code Warrior is making it easier for organizations to assess the security posture of their development teams with the SCW Trust Score.

The score utilizes 20 million data points from over 250,000 developers to provide a benchmark that teams can compare themselves to. Scores are given on a scale of 1-1000. 

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Right now it includes benchmarks for three industries: Global, Banking and Financial Services, and Technology. This allows companies in those industries to compare themselves against other companies in their same industry. 

The goal is that companies will use their score to refine and improve their security program, according to Secure Code Warrior. 

In addition to providing an overall look at the company as a whole, Secure Code Warrior also provides reports that can be filtered by language, team, or category. 

The company plans to continue improving the algorithm that the SCW Trust Score is based on so that it can become more accurate over time. 

“Modern CISOs need to be able to measure the effectiveness of every part of their security program, yet, to date, tangible insights into developer skill levels in security have proved elusive,” said Pieter Danhieux, co-founder and CEO of Secure Code Warrior. “However, this changes today. The SCW Trust Score is the only data-driven skill score that directly links to favorable security outcomes, with some clients reporting a 53% reduction in vulnerabilities and 2x faster fixing of critical security bugs.”

The company will be demoing the SCW Trust Score next week at the RSA Conference in San Francisco