The security and trust intelligence company OneTrust has announced several new updates to enable its customers to build trust, manage and mitigate risks, and ensure compliance. 

“With the increase of importance in first-party data and use of AI, trust has quickly become the ultimate enabler for innovation,” said Blake Brannon, chief product and strategy officer at OneTrust. “Every innovation you deliver as a business, whether it’s digital or operational, requires trust. At OneTrust, we are building the solutions that enable our customers to transform siloed compliance initiatives into world-class, coordinated trust programs.”

The platform will now be able to help companies govern their AI programs. OneTrust maintains an inventory of all AI technology in use and assesses it for bias, fairness, and transparency based on global laws and frameworks. 

OneTrust now enables searching across the whole platform to find records faster, and users can utilize advanced search, sort, and filtering capabilities. It also introduced data segmentation in workspaces and workspaces that are tailored for specific use cases. 

According to OneTrust, there is also an improved Insights Dashboard that includes conversational widgets that can be used to uncover program insights, track program success, and identify bottlenecks. 

Many data discovery improvements were also made. Customers can now integrate OneTrust with existing data catalogs and automatically synchronize data, classifications, and regulatory intelligence. 

Customers can also now configure data policies that identify data that violates data protection and retention policies.  

There are also many risk-based improvements, both within internal tools and third-party providers. Companies can now automate parts of compliance using OneTrust’s regulatory intelligence capabilities. They will now be able to automate evidence collection, assess control status, identify coverage gaps, and generate action plans.

Customers can also now link enterprise and business risks across OneTrust’s platform to better identify risk against business opportunities. This can assist in creating risk taxonomy and defining risk appetite, OneTrust explained. 

There are also improvements to how customers can manage their third-party risks. OneTrust now provides risk ratings for over 125,000 third-parties. These include HackNotice for finding out about verified data breaches and RapidRatings for evaluating the financial health and resiliency of third-parties. 

Customers can also now order Enhanced Due Diligence reports from within the OneTrust platform. These reports are crucial in enabling companies to apply a risk-based approach to the due diligence process when working with third-party tools, the company says. 

To improve compliance around collecting data, the company is now offering the ability to use a user’s location to deliver tailored consent options based on regional requirements, enabling customized experiences. 

OneTrust has also recently added consent support for TCF2.2, GPP, and Google, enabling consent-based ads. Customers can now more efficiently collect consent signals from websites and then provide that info to downstream ad providers.