IBM and Microsoft have announced a new partnership designed to help companies modernize their security operations and protect themselves from cloud identity threats.

To help companies be better protected against cloud identity threats, the two companies created a new offering based on IBM Consulting’s automation, accelerators, and industry domain knowledge and the Microsoft Entra suite of identity management tools. The new offering helps companies cut down on the number of identity tools they use, resulting in a more optimized, cost effective, and secured service, according to IBM.

IBM has also launched a new Threat Detection and Response (TDR) Cloud Native service that incorporates AI-powered security technologies with Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender XDR, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud to help improve threat detection.

To support this new offering, IBM announced that 1,300 of its Microsoft-certified security consultants were trained on how to natively embed Microsoft’s security tools into customers’ cloud and application landscape. 

“To successfully navigate the ever-evolving and increasingly complex digital landscape, security can no longer be an afterthought – it must be a foundational part of every organization’s core operations,” said Mark Hughes, global managing partner of cybersecurity services at IBM Consulting. “Our collaboration with Microsoft provides clients with a simplified, efficient, and cost-effective approach to protect cloud workloads, and effectively manage the proliferation of threats organizations confront on a regular basis.”

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