Aviatrix, a software-defined cloud routing solution provider, has announced a new security capability for its SD cloud routing solution, Aviatrix virtual private cloud (VPC).

Aviatrix VPC’s new egress security capability makes it easy to discover and manage traffic leaving AWS VPCs, which allows organizations to more effectively secure egress traffic against both internal and external threats.

According to the company, by using Aviatrix companies can easily distinguish legitimate VPC requests for internet access from illegitimate requests that can put company data at risk.

Aviatrix in-line Gateways integrate with the new egress security functions, in addition to “providing IPsec encryption for data-in-motion, VPC segmentation, Layer 4 security policies and logging.”

Previous approaches specified egress policies at the IP address level, while Aviatrix can handle multiple domain names and IP addresses, in addition to overcoming public cloud providers’ limitations on the number of IP addresses that can be filtered.

“Organizations are realizing that moving their resources to the public cloud doesn’t absolve them of the strict security and regulatory requirements governing how they manage their enterprise data traffic,” said Steven Mih, CEO of Aviatrix. “Internet-bound VPC egress traffic has been a blind spot, making it nearly impossible for cloud engineers to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate destinations. As organizations move more of their workloads to the public cloud, they need cloud-specific tools to give them both visibility into and control over AWS VPC egress traffic.”