Condusiv Technologies announced new editions for three of its I/O reduction software products today, featuring “no reboot” capability and enhanced performance reporting.

V-locity 7.0 for virtual servers aims to handle application performance challenges on I/O-intensive systems like MS-SQL. Diskeeper 18 Server and Professional works to reduce I/O on HDD-based servers and PCs, and SSDkeeper 2.0 does the same on SSD-based PCs.

All three will benefit from the expanded ability for administrators to quickly see the performance boon of reduced I/O with visualizations of the “number of noisy I/Os eliminated, percentage of read and write traffic offloaded from storage, and how much time is saved on each system as a result,” the company said in a statement.

The software will also provide administrators with memory tuning recommendations to maximize the benefits, with systems marked in red, yellow or green based on these recommendations. Condusiv says systems can potentially see a 50 percent or more reduction in I/O on their storage devices.

Brian Morin, Condusiv’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, says that 28 percent of mid-sized and large enterprises regularly field complaints from their users about poor performance in SQL-based applications, as found in the company’s annual I/O Performance Survey.

“This is simply due to the growth of I/O outpacing the hardware stack’s ability to keep up,” Morin said in the announcement. “This is why it is more important than ever to consider I/O reduction software solutions that guarantee to solve performance issues instead of reactively throwing expensive new servers or storage at the problem.”

Additionally, the new releases will feature “no reboot” deployment, which the company says will make installation and management easier for administrators.

“My team is happy they no longer have to wrestle down a reboot window for hundreds of servers in order to update or deploy Condusiv software,” said Blake W. Smith, system direction, enterprise infrastructure at Condusiv client CHRISTUS Health.