WANdisco released Data Activation Platform 2.0 to support faster migrations for massive datasets. 

The updates enable maximum speed and scale of on-premises and edge data transfers through precise control over migration throughput, cleanup, and prioritization, among other features, while supporting both the WANdisco Data Migrator and Edge to Cloud solutions.

Data movements from IoT sensor data and Hadoop environments to any cloud are now optimized. 

Data Activation Platform 2.0 provides granular control over all or specific data transfers within a simplified user interface.

It adds multiple transfer agents that enable users to scale horizontally to maximize the productivity of available bandwidth, auto source cleanup, which gives enterprises control over how long data is stored at a source environment, enhanced verification, and migration prioritization. 

“Businesses face a dizzying challenge in moving massive amounts of data from a lot of sources to a lot of targets. As data continues to amass at the edge and on-premises at an unprecedented pace, solutions must improve to handle massive data transfers at incredible speeds – but also deliver a seamless experience,” said David Richards, the CEO and founder of WANdisco. “Data Activation Platform 2.0 does just that. Now enterprises will have even greater control over all, or specific, data transfers happening across their business.”