Sumo Logic wants to help companies stay competitive with the announcement of its new capabilities. Today, the company revealed new features such as dashboard visualization, data enrichment for log, and metric transformation rules.

The dashboard visualization feature will give users rich analytics of their metrics and log data. Users will also be able to get insights from their data faster, Sumo Logic explained. 

Data enrichment for logs will provide a way for customers to describe log data in a natural and intuitive way. They will now be able to map their mental model of how they think about logs to simple key value pairs. According to the company, this will help customers investigate and resolve issues faster. 

Metric transformation rules give users more control over the granularity and retention of data. Users can now keep high cardinality and high volume data for a few days, while turning the raw data in high performance KPIs that can be stored for months. 

Sumo Logic also announced new integrations with Slack and MongoDB Atlas. The company hopes these integrations will help expand security and monitoring capabilities. 

Continuous Intelligence for Kubernetes
Yesterday, the company also unveiled Continuous Intelligence for Kubernetes. This new solution will provide users with a customizable solution that provides real-time visibility and dynamic navigation based on incoming data from Kubernetes implementations.

According to the company, this will allow site reliability engineers, platform Engineers, cloud architects, developers, and security analysts to quickly identify and resolve issues. 

Continuous Intelligence for Kubernetes includes capabilities like service-centric discoverability, enhanced observability, and improved security support. 

“In the Intelligence Economy, digital business is producing a tsunami of data that leaders and employees are under constant pressure to understand and act upon to drive great customer experiences. Without real-time insights that are actionalable, these businesses risk falling into the intelligence gap, making them more vulnerable to disruption and irrelevance,” said Ramin Sayar, president and CEO for Sumo Logic. “Together with our user community, we’ve created a new category of software called continuous intelligence, that mirrors the operational and economic model of cloud computing, and is purpose built to help our customers close the intelligence gap and win in the Intelligence Economy.”