The open-source edge computing and IoT cloud platform StarlingX released its latest version. StarlingX 7.0 focuses on improving scalability, security, stability, and flexibility.

The solution combines Ceph, OpenStack, Kubernetes, and more to create a full-featured cloud software stack. 

StarlingX 7.0 increases the number of subclouds that the Distributed Cloud can manage to 1,000 All-in-One Simplex (AOI-SX) subclouds. It also integrates the Istio service mesh to enhance Kubernetes in several key areas. 

The new version also supports security audit logging to capture commands that were executed using the REST API, including using SNMP. The Pod Security Policies (PSP) will be eventually replaced with the Pod Security Admission Controller for Kubernetes to better enforce pod security standards, according to the company. 

The PTP Dual NIC Support Boundary Clock Configuration has been upgraded to provide more fine-grained configuration options so that users can now set host-level preferences. The enhanced PTP features also support the 5G Time SyncE solution. 

Additional details on StarlingX 7.0 are available here