IT management software provider SolarWinds announced the launch of SolarWinds Discovery, a SaaS-based solution designed to provide organizations with an efficient way to discover, map and improve their software delivery. 

The solution fully integrates with the SolarWinds Service Desk, allowing IT professionals to proactively address potential risks to IT and to stay compliant with software licensing contracts, the company explained. The Discovery Scanner is built to scan an entire network to collect information on all IP-connected devices, such as servers, routers, switches, firewalls, storage arrays, VMware hosts, VMs and printers. 

“By leveraging this data and infusing it with artificial intelligence, we hope organizations of all sizes are able to mitigate risks, stay compliant with software purchases, and capture data insights to help make more informed business decisions,” said Steve Stover, vice president of products for ITSM at SolarWinds. The company hopes to add a SaaS solution that operates at cloud scale to lower the total cost of ownership of managing on-premise or hosted solutions. 

SolarWinds Discovery can be used with Windows and Apple computers and servers, Android and iOS, and includes integration to Microsoft SCCM, VMware vCenter and Chrome OS.

“SolarWinds Discovery was built with the idea to maximize the value of IT asset management, ITSM, and IT operations management by providing real-time data for on-premises and cloud assets, dependencies, and business services,” Stover said.