LogDNA has announced new partnerships to help developers streamline DevOps workflows and logging. 

It added new documentation for its integration with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions. LogDNA hopes to help users centralize logs from monolithic applications alongside logs from containerized applications. According to LogDNA, this partnership will help organizations use logs to securely move workloads to the cloud and containerize applications on Red Hat OpenShift. 

It also added new integrations with LaunchDarkly and Vercel. Its LaunchDarkly integration combines logging and feature flagging to help customers rapidly iterate on feature flags with added visibility from logging. 

Its Vercel integration will make it possible for users to collect logs using log drains. This makes it easy to gather logs from deployments and forward them to LogDNA. 

“We believe that companies provide the most value to customers by having strong, healthy ecosystems that help accelerate product implementations, and developed LogDNA to be platform and cloud agnostic in order to encourage strategic partnerships that expand our technical reach,” said Chris Nguyen, chief strategy officer for LogDNA. “Our focus is on the journey of our customers and to ensure that our product strategy tightly aligns to their operational needs and goals. Expanding our offering with IBM Cloud, and integrating with LaunchDarkly and Vercel are part of this strategy.”