Mist AI optimizes end-to-end user experiences and minimizes IT costs across LAN, WLAN and WAN through insights and Self-Driving Network automation.

With the new Juniper Mist WAN Assurance service, customers will receive better automation and insight in branch locations with AI-driven service level expectations, client-to-cloud event correlation for rapid fault resolution, anomaly detection and proactive support, according to Juniper Networks.

The recent additions will enable users to stream key telemetry data from Juniper SRX devices to the Mist AI engine in the cloud. This enables customizable WAN service levels that are used to optimize user experiences.

The solution will also work in conjunction with Marvis to correlate events across the LAN, WLAN and WAN for rapid fault isolation and resolution across all domains.

Also, the Juniper Virtual Network Assistant driven by Mist AI, will be augmented with a new AIOps conversational interface that transforms the IT experience from dashboards and reports real-time interactions with progressive drill downs and proactive recommendations.

The Marvis conversational interface can understand the intent behind questions and provide valuable results. It also offers interactive queries to drill down further based on suggested next steps.

It also allows users to give feedback on whether Marvis answered the right questions or gave the correct root cause so that it continues to learn.

“These two services augment the Juniper AI-Driven Enterprise to empower IT administrators to more nimbly address network, application and user issues,” Juniper Networks wrote in a post.