Kube-OVN is an open-source project attempting to bring the benefits of SDN to the cloud-native era. 

“If you miss the rich networking capabilities of the SDN age but are struggling to find them in the cloud-native age, Kube-OVN should be your best choice,” the project maintainers say.

It has a number of key features, including subnet management, static IP allocation, distributed/centralized gateways, underlay/overlay hybrid networks, VPC multi-tenant networks, cross-cluster interconnect, QoS management, multi-NIC management, and more. 

Kube-OVN also integrates with Prometheus for monitoring and network quality is visualized through grafana dashboards. 

The CNCF accepted the project into its Sandbox in January 2021. It has 1.8K stars on GitHub and 100 contributors, at the time of this writing.