Clusternet is a tool for managing multiple Kubernetes clusters across different environments. The goal of the project is to make management as easy as “visiting the Internet.”

The interface lets you manage or visit clusters from a single place as if they were running locally. According to the project maintainers, this helps eliminate the need to work with multiple different management tools for each cluster. 

Clusternet can handle clusters from many different environment types, such as those running in cloud providers, on-premises, at the edge, and Certified Kubernetes Distributions.

It includes many useful features, such as a scheduling framework, cross-cluster scheduling, a kubectl plugin, and support for various resource types, including Kubernetes native objects, CRDs, and helm charts. 

The project was created in 2021, and was accepted into the CNCF as a Sandbox project in 2023. At the time of this writing, on GitHub it had 1.3k stars, 268 forks, and 43 contributors.