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FogHorn and IBM have announced a collaboration that will bring together FogHorn’s edge capabilities with IBM’s cloud capabilities. 

“With computing done in so many places—on public and private clouds and the edge–the challenge that businesses face is to connect all these different elements into a cohesive, end-to-end platform,” said Chris Penrose, chief operating officer at FogHorn. “Through our upcoming collaboration, FogHorn will leverage IBM Edge Application Manager to deliver edge-to-cloud FogHorn solutions for our customers that can help them make more informed decisions with their data, in real-time. Combining FogHorn’s vertical expertise with IBM’s cloud know-how, we will create the opportunity to address a wide range of edge use cases which has the potential to deliver operational savings, improved up-time, reduced waste and lower energy consumption.”

Jetstack launches identity management for cloud native platforms
Jetstack Secure provides full visibility of machine identities to cloud and security teams. It comes packaged with a web-based management portal and enterprise-grade support. The Jetstack Secure dashboard provides a view of the enterprise across multiple clusters and clouds, and allows teams to identify operational issues based on certificate status and errors proactively.

“We’ve seen first-hand from our work with customers that adopting Cloud Native technologies and modern microservice architecture very quickly leads to a significant growth of TLS certificates – from ingress TLS, to intra-service mTLS, Kubernetes webhooks and more,” said Matt Bates, Jetstack CTO and co-founder. “As infrastructure scales and clusters accumulate, a very high level of automation is needed to ensure certificates are consistent and kept up-to-date. Automating the certificates lifecycle, to keep workloads protected, is the core value of cert-manager, with open source support for public issuers using ACME (e.g. Let’s Encrypt), as well as private authorities, such as HashiCorp Vault and Google Certificate Authority Service (CAS).”

SentinelOne acquires Scalyr
Scalyr is a cloud-native data analytics platform. By acquiring the company, SentinelOne will add the ability to ingest, correlate, search, and action data from any source.

“Through our acquisition of Scalyr, SentinelOne is solving one of the industry’s biggest data challenges for delivering fully integrated XDR capabilities. Scalyr’s big data technology is perfect for the use cases of XDR, ingesting terabytes of data across multiple systems and correlating it at machine speed so security professionals have actionable intelligence to autonomously detect, respond, and mitigate threats,” said Tomer Weingarten, co-founder and CEO of SentinelOne. “This is a dramatic leap forward for our industry – while other next-gen products are entirely reliant on SIEM integrations or OEMs for point in time data correlation and response, SentinelOne uniquely provides customers with proactive operational insights from a security-first perspective. The combination of Scalyr’s data analytics with our industry leading AI capabilities ushers in a new era of machine-speed prevention, detection, and response to attacks across the enterprise.”