The IT infrastructure company DH2i has announced the release of DxOperator, which can be used to deploy SQL Server containers on Kubernetes.

DH2i worked closely with Microsoft’s SQL Server team in developing this new solution. The goal behind it was to streamline the deployment process and offer customers “unparalleled ease of use, robustness, and automation capabilities,” DH2i said. 

It allows users to set MSSQL-config parameters, automatically configures clusters, sorts SQL Server instances into Always On Availability Groups, and offers a user-friendly interface for management. It also offers automatic failover for SQL Server Availability Groups in Kubernetes.

“DxOperator marks a significant advancement in simplifying and improving the deployment process of SQL Server environments on Kubernetes,” said OJ Ngo, CTO and co-Founder of DH2i. “Its design focuses on practical automation, enabling organizations to manage SQL Server availability groups more effectively and efficiently. The development of DxOperator, done in alignment with Kubernetes’ best practices, aims to provide a versatile and robust tool for SQL Server deployment.”

Rob Horrocks, senior cloud solution architect in Data & AI at Microsoft, added: “DxOperator makes complex tasks manageable, even for those with limited Kubernetes experience. It’s not just about deploying SQL Server containers; it’s about doing it in a way that’s both agile and reliable. We’re eager to see how DxOperator will redefine database management strategies for businesses of all sizes.”