Process orchestration company Camunda has released a new integration framework for building reusable Connectors to use in low-code modeling. 

According to Camunda, Connectors are used to bring together people, systems, and devices, so that companies can begin to achieve true end-to-end automation.

“The majority of processes that our customers are orchestrating require multiple connections to outside systems, which is expensive to setup and maintain, especially with home-grown and legacy systems,” said Daniel Meyer, CTO of Camunda. “Adding a framework for rapid development of connectors augments our out-of-the-box connectors and directly addresses the endpoint diversity challenge that organizations face today.”

The Integration Framework is composed of Connector Templates and the Connector SDK. Templates can be used to define reusable properties, like custom input fields, field descriptions, and links to documentation. The Connector SDK is used to implement custom Connectors within an environment. 

In addition to offering the ability to create Connectors, the latest release includes out-of-the box Connectors, from providers such as Slack, Google Drive, Amazon SQS, and AWS Lambda. 

The company is also working on partnerships with companies who are building out connectors. These Connectors built by partners will soon be available across categories like database, email, enterprise applications, and IT applications. 

Other capabilities released in Camunda Platform 8.1 include the ability to modify and start tests at any flow now, assistance in writing FEEL expressions, an improved form designer, new geo-regions for SaaS customers, and support for OpenShift, Amazon EKS, and hot backups for self-hosted clouds.