Eclipse fog05 provides a virtualized infrastructure that allows for distributed computing, storage, control and networking functions closer to users along a cloud-to-thing continuum. 

Fog05 offers a set of abstractions to unify the compute, storage and communication fabric from end to end that enables this. 

It provides the same abstraction of an elastic compute but in a decentralized fashion which helps with keeping the data and the processing close to where it makes the most sense, which in many cases is close to where the data is produced. 

The number 5 in the project’s name refers to 5G and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC). It is tailored to meet the needs of MEC and is compatible with ETSI MEC manifests.

“Fog computing has emerged as an architectural approach to deal with the limitations exposed by cloud-centric architectures in the context of CPS and IIoT applications. fog05 is an infrastructure designed from the first principle to address the needs of fog computing,” the Eclipse Foundation, which is behind the project, wrote on its site