The Linux Foundation this week announced the launch of Margo, an open standard initiative for interoperability of edge industrial automation ecosystems.

According to the foundation’s announcement, Margo “promises to bring much needed flexibility, simplicity, and scalability – unlocking barriers to innovation in complex, multi-vendor environments and accelerating digital transformation for organizations of all sizes.”

The initiative is being hosted by the Joint Development Foundation, a part of the Linux Foundation, and supported by founding members ABB, Rockwell Automation, Capgemini, Microsoft, Schneider Electric and Siemens.

Bart Nieuwborg, chair of the Margo Initiative and Senior Program Manager at Rockwell Automation, explained that creating an open-source implementation can facilitate adoption, and that an associated compliance test toolkit “will ensure the trust in Margo’s interoperability promise, paving the way for the industry to tap the full potential of, for example, data and AI at the edge.”

And Nicolas Rousseau, head of digital engineering and manufacturing of Intelligent Products and Services at Capgemini, explained that edge interoperability stands out as a key driver for integrating devices and applications, as well as their orchestration. The Margo initiative, he said, “will enable significant breakthroughs in innovation, optimization, and new value creation, and will help clients accelerate towards a more intelligent industry.”

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