Instaproof is a new solution that can verify data authenticity, provenance, and integrity for all files and AI models. 

Users can verify the file they are working with without needing an RKVST account by dragging it onto Instaproof. If the file has been registered with RKVST, they can use the displayed provenance information to determine which files are trustworthy.

According to RSKVT, no matter where a file might end up – be it in an email, in the cloud, or on a USB stick – its provenance and authenticity can be immediately verified by customers, suppliers, partners, and anyone else. This eliminates spoofs, hacks, and fake data, the company explained.

Business users can use the RKVST web application to create provenance records for any file with a simple drag and drop interface. Developers can use them to create reliable, verifiable provenance and lineage records for the data that their apps create and process. With a REST API and Python SDK, integration can be as simple as a single line of code, according to the company.

“While organizations have become adept at authenticating people and devices for secure access to networks, applications and services, until now there was no easy way to verify the authenticity, provenance and integrity of data that is essential for data-driven decisions. Everything from images and AI-generated content to operational data and invoices needs to be authenticated before being used for decision-making, and manual processes are no longer scalable for this digital challenge,” RKVST stated. 

By using a free RKVST account, users can register any file and create a reliable, verifiable, and portable record of who did what when, as well as prove the origin and authenticity. RKVST adds more transparency and traceability to data stored in any location, both on-prem and in the cloud. Furthermore, data stored in Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive can be verified instantaneously by partners, suppliers and customers.

Additional details on the solution are available here.