The latest version of Kubernetes is expected to be released this week with improvements to maturity, scalability, and flexibility. Kubernetes 1.1 will add key networking features, open two major features from SIG-API Machinery and SIG-Node for beta testing, and continue to enhance storage features that have been crucial parts of the last two releases.

With this release, IPVS-based in-cluster service load balancing will become stable. This will allow for better network throughput, better programming latency, and higher scalability limits for the distributed load-balancer.

Version 11 will make CoreDNS available as a cluster DNS add-on option. CoreDNS creates custom DNS entries, which allows it to support flexible use cases.

Dynamic Kubelet configuration, which enables Kubelet configurations to be rolled out in live clusters, will be a beta feature in this release. Users will be able to configure Kubelets in a live cluster using the API server.

In addition, Custom Resource Definitions will be able to define multiple versions, which allows custom resource authors to promote with safe changes and create migration paths for resources that don’t have changes.

Kubernetes 1.1 also adds enhancements to the Container Storage Interface, such as alpha support for raw block volumes to CSI, integration of CSI with the new kubelet plugin registration mechanism, and making it easier to pass secrets to CSI plugins.

New storage features include support for online resizing of Persistent Volumes (alpha), support for dynamic maximum volume count, and stability of the StorageObjectInUseProtection feature.