Kubernetes 1.15 is now available with 26 new improvements, 3 stable features, 13 beta features and 10 alpha features. This is the second release of the container orchestration tool in 2019.

The main themes of this release included continuous improvement and extensibility. For continuous improvement, the release features improved test coverage, a stable core feature set, mature existing features, and a backlog cleanup. Other cluster life cycle stability and usability improvements included bug fixes across bare metal tooling and production-ready user stories; work to kubeadm, and certificate management enhancements. Additional improvements were made to the Container Storage Interface to enable the migration of in-tree volume plugins.

Under the extensibility theme, the team worked on CRDs and API Machinery. The CRDs included CustomerResourceDefinitions Pruning, CustomResourceDefinition Defaulting, and CustomResourceDefinition OpenAPI Publishing.

Other features of the release included support for Go modules, Nodes now support third-party monitoring plugins, a new scheduling framework and preparation on cloud provider extraction and code organization.