JFrog has announced it is bringing a Kubernetes registry with Helm, Docker, npm and universal repository to the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. According to the company, this is the first Kubernetes Registry available on AWS. The registry is available through JFrog Artifactory Cloud solution. Artifactory Cloud is a secure private Docker Registry for hosting local Docker images.

“JFrog Artifactory Cloud delivers end-to-end automation and management of your binaries and artifacts. It is a scalable, universal binary repository manager that automatically manages your binaries and artifacts through the application development and delivery process that integrates with your DevOps tools and platforms,” according to the AWS Marketplace description.

The AWS offering will include a universal repository with automated artifact management, integration with CI servers, checksum-based storage, repository replication, and access to training and support. In addition, it supports Maven, RubyGems, npm, NuGet, PyPl, and Helm, a package manager for Kubernetes apps.

“DevOps is all about releasing fast to get to market faster. With the AWS Marketplace, we make it easy to start and scale our customers’ Artifactory environment. Now we can deliver our existing, highly reliable, and scalable SaaS service to our customers on AWS and have it show up on one bill. It is a win-win-win proposition,” says Kit Merker, VP business development at JFrog. “JFrog has been an essential part of the container movement from its early days. We believe that providing a world class Kubernetes Registry that holds all of the critical application components, in addition to the Docker containers, is critical for our customers.”

More details are available here.