This week’s highlighted open-source project of the week helps users manage Kubernetes applications. Helm allows users to manage Kubernetes charts, which are “packages of pre-configured Kubernetes resources.”

Helm Charts allow users to define, install, and upgrade Kubernetes applications. According to the Helm team, Charts are easy to create, version, share, and publish.

According to Helm, the benefits of Helm include the ability to manage complexity, easily do upgrades, easily share charts, and easily roll back to previous releases.

The project started as a hackathon project at software company Deis, and it was first publicly released at the first KubeCon in 2015. In February 2017, the first Helm Summit was held, bringing together 179 developers, operators, and SRE to discuss Helm’s future.

Last year, Helm was accepted into the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation as a top-level project. It is currently being maintained by the CNCF, who is collaborating with Microsoft, Google, Bitnami, and the Helm contributor community on the project.