After open sourcing the Operator Framework last month, CoreOS has announced the release of Operator Metering. Operator Metering is a component of the Operator Framework designed to provide a way to gain insights on the usage and costs it takes to run and manage Operators.

“Today, management teams want to understand more concretely where budget is spent and by whom, and for which service. Metering provides that information, providing an understanding of how much it costs to run specific services, while also providing usage information that can lead to improved budgeting and capacity planning,” Christian Vogel, product manger at CoreOS, wrote in a post. “With this information, IT can also internally bill departments to reflect the costs directly associated with their actual infrastructure usage, driving accountability for service costs.”

According to Vogel, this eliminates some of the manual IT work it takes to calcualtor costs as well as free up IT teams to take on bigger problems and drive further innovation within an organization.

Operator Metering integrates with a cluster’s CPU and memory reporting. It is also designed to calculate Infrastructure-as-a-Service costs and customized metrics, including licensing.

In addition, it can be used to derive insights such as tracking heal operations among Gluster storage clusters, CoreOS explained. Top uses cases include cloud budgeting, cloud billing and telemetry/aggregation. 

“We believe Operator Metering will enable Kubernetes operations teams to be able to associate the cost of their underlying infrastructure to the applications running on their Kubernetes clusters in a consistent way, across any environment, be it on public cloud infrastructure or on premises,” CoreOS wrote in a post.