Security company Alcide has announced the release of Alcide Advisor, which is designed to scan Kubernetes and Istio for compliance, security, and government risks and vulnerabilities.

According to Alcide, the solution empowers engineering teams to identify security risks before they can be introduced to the production environment. Alcide Advisor also scans throughout various stages of development, up through to production.

Key features include: a Kubernetes Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmark, Kubernetes vulnerability scanning, hunting misplaced secrets, workload hardening from Pod Security to network policies, Ingress controllers for best practices, Kubernetes API server access privileges, Kubernetes best practices on AWS, Kubernetes operators security best practices, and Istio security best practices.

“DevOps pushes adoption of cloud-native application technology today, with K8s being a driving force,” said Gadi Naor, co-founder and CTO of Alcide. “By combining the worlds of DevOps with Kubernetes security, these teams can now leverage the agility, speed, security and scale of cloud-native development, without sacrificing security, development flexibility or business velocity. It’s a win-win for Dev, Sec and Ops.”