IT solution provider OpsRamp announced the release of Unified Service Discovery at the Gartner IT Operations Strategies and Solutions Summit in Orlando this week. Unified Service Discovery is a new solution designed to give teams greater clarity into their distributed infrastructure.

According to the company, this will enable enterprises to view their entire infrastructure without investing in manual processes or expensive professional services.

“Unified Service Discovery is a comprehensive, hybrid discovery and dependency mapping solution for any enterprise in the midst of their cloud migration and digital transformation efforts,” said Bhanu Singh, vice president of product development and cloud operations at OpsRamp. “We hear from customers all the time that shadow IT is exposing them to unforeseen risks and costs, particularly in a hybrid world. OpsRamp’s mission is to deliver new levels of visibility and control for today’s digital operations command center.”

Unified Service Discovery aims to assist teams to see what, where, and how of the hybrid environments support their business services from cloud to datacenter workloads. This includes shadow IT, cloud-native services, and forgotten applications.

Features of the platform include live asset inventory, asset inventory analytics, service dependency maps, and multi-cloud spend visibility.

Live asset inventory gives teams the ability to understand the mix of IT assets across business units, locations, and services for the hybrid infrastructure landscape. Asset Inventory Analytics will allow users to see how their IT asset footprint is evolving in line with the business needs. Also, business can find out if their workloads are being underutilized or over utilized with this capability. The service dependency maps feature will enable businesses to visualize dependencies between IT services and infrastructure workloads using service maps. Multi-cloud spend visibility is designed to give insight into how much your business is spending on the cloud through analysis and budget policies.

In addition, the company announced the 40-hour IT Asset Visibility Challenge that OpsRamp explains will provide insights into where to host workloads, and understanding into how assets and cloud resources are shifting.