Software-as-a-service performance monitoring company LogicMonitor released its enhanced LM Cloud multi-cloud monitoring platform this week, adding support for Google Cloud Platform instances on top of its existing Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure support.

“LogicMonitor developed LM Cloud in 2018 to help customers with data in multiple clouds. Previously, these users were forced to monitor each of their cloud environments individually or pick a monitoring tool with limited multi-cloud support,” Sarah Terry, senior product manager at LogicMonitor, said in the announcement. “The need for a unified view across resources and services increases in multi-cloud environments. LM Cloud’s unified view with comprehensive cloud performance and availability monitoring eliminates downtime for multi-cloud deployments.”

LogicMonitor aims for LM Cloud to make managing multi-cloud environments easier by catering to the varied “characteristics, functionality, pricing models and policies” of cloud hosting platforms available to users. According to LogicMonitor, this includes their platform’s resource auto-discovery across clouds, allowing for simpler visualizations of a broad cloud setup; metrics and alerts down to the system level; and cost optimization that monitors service availability and cloud spend.

Users with a LogicMonitor LM Cloud license can access the new features now.