The Linux Foundation in Europe announced the formation of Project Sylva, a common cloud software framework and adjacent Reference Implementation to reduce fragmentation of the cloud infrastructure layer for telecommunication and edge services. 

The intention for the project is to create a new, open-source, production-grade Telco Cloud Stack to reduce the complexity and accelerate cloudification of the network. The project will be built on top of existing open-source projects to provide implementations and extensions. 

“I am beyond excited to see Sylva become the first community project hosted under Linux Foundation Europe. It directly delivers our vision to accelerate the impact that European-centric collaborations can have in the global ecosystem,” said Gabriele Columbro, general manager, Linux Foundation Europe. “Sylva is the perfect example of the high-impact open collaborations we see flourishing under LF Europe, as it brings together leading telco stakeholders to deliver innovation to address a concrete industry-wide business challenge.”

More specifically, Project Sylva aims to release a cloud software framework to prioritize requirements, develop solutions to be integrated within existing open-source components, and produce production-grade solutions to be leveraged within commercial products. 

Among the companies working on the open-source project are Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, Nokia, Orange, Telecom Italia,Telefonica and Vodafone. 

Additional details are available here.