Komodor launched the open-source project Helm Dashboard which provides the missing GUI for Helm. 

The open-source project runs locally and opens in the browser so that developers can visualize which Helm deployments failed and where the root cause was. Developers can explore how a Helm Chart changed over time, rollback to a prior version, or update to the latest version to maintain business continuity.

“We want to build tools that reduce the complexity of Kubernetes,” said Itiel Shwartz, the CTO and co-founder of Komodor. “Helm is super powerful and all of our customers are

using it – but it is very hard to understand because it does so many things: templating,

packaging, controlling. It is simply a nightmare when things go wrong.”

The Helm Chart can quickly understand whether a Helm Chart is healthy or unhealthy, provide a diff that highlights what changed within yaml files between deployments and then enables the developer to take action and apply a hotfix with the click of a button.

Helm Dashboards can integrate with open-source code scanners such as Checkov, the cloud security scanner made by Bridgecrew and Trivy, which was developed by Aqua Security.