Dashy is a self-hostable personal dashboard that includes status-checking, widgets, themes, icon packs, a UI editor, and more. The tool helps users organize self-hosted services by making them accessible from a single place.

Dashy includes a selection of pre-installed themes that users can easily preview, apply, and modify via the user interface. The presence of a theme configurator and compatibility with custom CSS enables users to swiftly create their own distinctive dashboard design.

Both sections and items can have an icon associated with them, defined under the icon attribute. With several different icon packs supported, users willl be able to find the perfect thumbnail for any app or service. Favicons, icon packs, emojis, auto-generated images, and more are all supported. 

Users of the project can present real-time information from services via widgets. The platform offers various pre-built widgets that can display useful data and integrate with commonly self-hosted services, but users can also create custom widgets for almost any application with ease.

It offers users an optional feature that enables the application to verify whether each app or service is operational and responding correctly. If the feature is enabled, a small status indicator icon is displayed, and additional information such as response time and status code can be viewed by hovering over it. Users can choose to globally activate or deactivate the status indicators by setting ‘appConfig.statusCheck’ to either true or false, or enable/disable the feature on a per-item basis. While the status is initially checked upon page load, users can opt for continuous polling by specifying a time interval in seconds via ‘appConfig.statusCheckInterval’.

Furthermore, Dashy fully supports secure single-sign-on using Keycloak, providing users with secure and straightforward authentication. For a comprehensive usage guide, users can refer to the setup documentation. Additionally, there is a basic authentication feature that users can employ without requiring additional setup.

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