CloudShare, a specialty cloud provider that helps software companies replicate complex on-premise IT environments in the cloud for training, sales enablement, and sandboxing for testing and support, today announced its new CloudShare for Support offering that helps technical support teams significantly speed up time to resolution and increase productivity.

The time required to recreate customer issues is one of the major pain points faced by technical support organizations at technology and software vendors. In many cases, before troubleshooting can even begin, Tier 2 and 3 support reps spend hours or even days recreating a customer’s environment.

CloudShare’s virtual IT labs speed time to resolution by enabling support engineers to easily import complex customer environments and product versions. Reps can also take advantage of a large library of ready-made, fully licensed templates for testing with popular applications and operating systems. Resources can be spun up on-demand, saved in specific states, and shared with team members around the globe for true 24/7 support. Easy environment replication and sharing also makes it easy for reps to troubleshoot issues in parallel, instead of traditional linear approaches.

Support managers further benefit from automated cost-control policies that can suspend and delete environments when not in use, and dashboards and analytics to help measure usage and calculate ROI.

MuleSoft: Saves Four Hours Each Time Support Uses CloudShare

The provider of the leading platform for building application networks, MuleSoft, uses CloudShare to improve customer support for its global customer base.

“CloudShare’s out-of-the-box environment policies let my team provision environments for a short time,” said Avi Karnon, vice president of global support at MuleSoft. “Knowing that they will be automatically suspended or deleted was key, because it means that I don’t need to manually manage the environments to control costs. Every time we use CloudShare, it saves us anywhere from four hours to a day. Even if we use CloudShare just once a week, the time savings and ROI are immense.”

erwin: Provides Rapid Customer Support with CloudShare

The data governance company, erwin, uses CloudShare to provide rapid and outstanding customer support, as well as for product demos and training.

“I have nothing but great things to say about the relationship erwin, Inc. has with CloudShare. CloudShare has made what once seemed impossible, possible. It now takes just minutes to replicate an erwin solution on the cloud, enabling us to easily demonstrate and educate internal teams and customers on erwin solutions,” states Greg LaMonica, director global consulting services at erwin.

“Another great benefit and time saver is when using CloudShare for customer support. CloudShare helps our support teams easily recreate the customer environment in order to test, review configurations, and troubleshoot when necessary, ensuring customers are experiencing the optimal performance of erwin solutions,” adds LaMonica.

“As the complexity of enterprise software increases, support is not only becoming more difficult for software companies to provide, but it’s also never been more important for customer retention,” said Michal Frenkel, director of product at CloudShare. “With CloudShare, organizations can keep customers happy by solving their issues much more rapidly and more accurately.”