DH2i releases DxOperator for deploying SQL Server containers on Kubernetes

The IT infrastructure company DH2i has announced the release of DxOperator, which can be used to deploy SQL Server containers on Kubernetes. DH2i worked closely with Microsoft’s SQL Server team in developing this new solution. The goal behind it was to streamline the deployment process and offer customers “unparalleled ease of use, robustness, and automation … continue reading

IBM unveils LinuxONE 4 Express

IBM has introduced the IBM LinuxONE 4 Express, a new pre-configured rack mount system tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as well as new data center environments.  This system is designed to deliver the latest performance, security, and AI capabilities of the LinuxONE platform, providing cost savings and simplifying the … continue reading

Cisco Observability Platform updated to help companies gain more insights into customer experience, performance

Cisco has announced it updated the Cisco Observability Platform to provide customers with greater visibility and insights into their technology stack.  According to Cisco, the latest update builds on the platform’s existing capabilities while adding new features that help teams minimize tool sprawl, increase collaboration, improve performance, and deliver secure experiences.  The platform’s Digital Experience … continue reading

Vultr adds CDN to its cloud computing platform

Cloud-computing platform provider Vultr today announced the release of a content delivery network (CDN) that enables content and media caching close to the edge. Vultr CDN offers turnkey services that help developers scale their websites and applications without compromising on security, according to the company’s announcement. Businesses, the company wrote, “require immediate access to a … continue reading

Providing Friction-Free Digital Employee Experiences in the Hybrid Work Era

Employers have long dictated where and how people do their jobs. But today, millions of workers demand remote work options because they know they are more productive when they can work where they want. For businesses, flexible work styles can attract and retain the best talent from around the world. It is for these reasons … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Eclipse Kapua

Eclipse Kapua is a modular platform designed to integrate IoT devices and smart sensors, facilitating the convergence of Operation Technology (OT) and IT.  Its architecture supports multi-protocol device connectivity through a message broker, initially adopting MQTT but also supporting AMQP and WebSockets. This connectivity framework includes authentication, authorization, and a Device Registry for organizing and … continue reading

Report: Over 90% of companies have a disaster recovery plan

Disaster recovery preparedness is a continuing concern for companies, because according to the 2023 Disaster Recovery Practices Survey from Forrester and Disaster Recovery Journal, 17% of respondents have had a significant disaster, outage, or business disruption. Fortunately, over 90% of companies surveyed have some sort of disaster recovery (DR) plan in place.  69% of those … continue reading

BackBox Introduces Zero Trust Network Operations

BackBox has introduced Zero Trust Network Operations (ZTNO). This capability is designed as a best practice framework consisting of six actionable pillars aimed at integrating cybersecurity considerations directly into the network layer for NetOps teams.  To grow the adoption of ZTNO, BackBox has upgraded its Network Automation Platform, incorporating enhancements to the Privileged Access Manager, … continue reading

Kentik AI offers network monitoring and observability

Kentik, a company specializing in network observability, has announced the introduction of Kentik AI, a new tool designed to simplify the process of troubleshooting complex networks for engineers, operators, architects, and developers.  This launch aims to make it easier for professionals to identify and resolve network issues promptly and efficiently. Alongside Kentik AI, the company … continue reading

eBPF has opened many doors for Linux, will continue to do so for many years

eBPF, the technology that enables the Linux kernel to more easily be changed, should be considered a great success, according to experts in the industry. Nearly 10 years after its initial release, the eBPF Foundation and the Linux Foundation teamed up to create a qualitative report that shows how far the technology has come. “Many … continue reading

Kubecost 2.0 launched with Kubernetes network monitoring, cost center reporting, and more

The Kubecost 2.0 update brings new tools and features aimed at simplifying and improving the management of Kubernetes-related cloud costs, especially for large enterprises and in complex, multi-cloud settings. Kubecost is a cloud-agnostic tool for Kubernetes cost monitoring and visibility. According to a CNCF Cloud Native FinOps + Cloud Financial Management Microsurvey, issues like overprovisioning, … continue reading

Kubernetes Benchmark Report reveals significant improvement in usage

The growing complexity of Kubernetes use – as organizations expand Kubernetes across multiple teams and expand clusters – makes it hard to enforce standardization. Without it, you risk wasting cloud resources and introducing risk. These issues are examined in a very detailed report on Kubernetes by Fairwinds, provider of a cost optimization and policy enforcement … continue reading

Report: Nearly half of organizations see significant improvement with cyber insurance

A surge in cyber threats has led to a heightened interest in cybersecurity insurance. Nearly half of the organizations surveyed in a recent study conducted by Recast Software and the Ponemon Institute have noticed a significant improvement in their cybersecurity posture after purchasing insurance.  However, 48% have switched insurance providers due to various reasons, including … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: EMCO

EMCO, which stands for Edge Multi-Cluster Orchestrator, is a control plane and application orchestrator for Kubernetes, enabling organizations to connect and deploy their workloads across public cloud, private clouds, and the edge, while still maintaining communication with and among applications.  It intelligently assigns workloads into clusters, and interacts with the Kubernetes API server to hand … continue reading

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