Bonitasoft, the leading open-source digital process automation company, today announced the first release of the Bonita Digital Business Process Management platform that includes native integration with tools produced by the Process Analytics project. With these tools, users can better customize their visualization of processes and cases for improved process monitoring, giving businesses a deeper understanding of how processes are performing as they run.

The Process Analytics project is an open source project, distributed under the Apache license, that is developing tools to help developers to visualize and monitor process execution data using the BPMN2 standard notation. After two years of development, the Process Analytics project is now advanced enough to offer a set of re-usable, embeddable libraries that can be easily integrated into other existing BPM, RPA, iPaaS, and process mining applications and platforms.

“We see process analytics as a sub-segment of the Data Analytics market, in which the data model is related to process execution use cases,” said Charles Souillard, CEO and co-founder of Bonitasoft. “The more data about business processes that the platform can mine and offer to business users in an easy-to-consume format, the better decisions they can take about where to optimize, improve, and innovate.”

The current release of Bonita 2022.2 also has a brand-new Reporting Application that includes process execution reports, with relevant historical data of processes and cases, for analysis of past process performance that will aid in pinpointing areas for improvement.

Further, Bonitasoft also announces that it has achieved ISO 27001 certification for its Bonita Cloud development, user support, and operations. 27001 certification was confirmed by Bureau Veritas, the world leader in certification, after performing a successful audit of Bonitasoft’s information security practices.

“We are pleased to have earned this certification for Bonita,” added Nicolas Chabanoles, Chief Product & Technology Officer for Bonitasoft. “We are committed to providing highly secure business process automation for our Bonita customers, partners, and users.”

The Bonita Community open-source edition includes all capabilities required to develop and deploy process automation projects, and can be downloaded here.