The cloud-native IT operations provider, Automox, today unveiled the findings of its third annual State of IT Operations Report. The findings revealed that the challenge of managing endpoints has become even bigger than it was in the Automox 2021 report

Additionally, the report showed that many organizations continue to struggle with the challenges of utilizing multiple different legacy tools in order to manage today’s mostly hybrid work environment.

The main goal of this report was to determine how industry professionals are evolving business practices in order to increase efficiency and fuel growth while operating under the conditions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The key finding of the survey showed that many organizations suffer because not enough employees are being tasked with managing many different endpoints, with little visibility and not enough automation. This resulted in 84% of those surveyed saying that there is significant room for improvement in their ability to successfully and efficiently manage endpoints. 

With this, the report also revealed that the lack of advanced automation within different enterprises compounds several of the different challenges that are currently plaguing ITOps teams. Over 90% of ITOps professionals stated that they believe automation improves IT agility, benefits security posture, improves productivity, and reduces costs. 

The report showed that 60% of ITOps teams use more than 10 tools for endpoint management and 93% still use some degree of labor-intensive scripts to support these tools rather than opting for automation to heighten efficiency. 

Based on the results, despite the pandemic, fully remote teams have not become the most popular business model. Rather, enterprises with 80% or more of their team working remotely have decreased and have been balanced out by a clear uptick in hybrid work models, with 58.5% of those surveyed reporting that their teams operate in this fashion. 

Lastly, the report found that 99% of respondents expect to be using cloud-native solutions to meet their endpoint management needs within the next two years. This will free ITOps teams from the disjointed legacy technology currently being used. 

“ITOps teams are struggling with the complexity of legacy solutions while the actual business use cases they need to support are increasingly modern,” said Paul Zimski, vice president of product strategy at Automox. “The biggest takeaway here is that companies are actively looking for a new and much more efficient approach to IT operations to fix vulnerabilities fast, power workforce productivity, and most importantly, take their time back.”  

The full report and all of its findings is now available and can be found here.