The surprising ROI of Database DevOps

Implementing database optimization practices can help achieve business growth by protecting revenue from downtime, reducing manual task costs and protecting sensitive data. Now Redgate has put some tangible numbers behind those benefits to show how it can benefit your enterprise organization. View the ROI End-to-end Database DevOps provides a competitive advantage in a competitive economy. It can be a … continue reading

Event-driven architecture explained

Event-driven architecture is an architectural design approach that relies on events to trigger actions across decoupled services. In this context, an event represents some sort of change in state – a customer logging in to an application, a shopper adding an item to a cart, or a user following a new account. Events may include … continue reading

premium Observability: A guide for buyers

This free guide features a look at what observability means in today’s IT environments, how observability leaders are defined, and a list of vendors and descriptions of their offerings. Also in this guide is a contributed article on the importance of API observability in microservices architectures.                   … continue reading

2023 predictions for Infrastructure and Operations

The year that just was saw the rise in adoption of cloud-native technologies, a renewed effort in securing network systems and applications, as well as the huge volume increases in data being collected, stored and analyzed. What will 2023 bring? These industry experts weigh in with their thoughts. Chitra Balasubramanian, CFO, CircleCI Embrace curiosity and … continue reading

Gartner infrastructure conferences returning in person

“Empowering the Anywhere Business” is the theme for this year’s 2022 Gartner Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategies Conference, returning in-person for the first time since 2019. Businesses across the globe are challenged to bring value and innovation wherever their customers are, according to Gartner’s events team. Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) leaders have a critical role … continue reading

ITOps predictions for 2022

Here are just a few predictions that experts across the industry have for 2022: Gabriel Aguiar Noury, Robotics Product Manager at Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu Robotics industry:  “Despite the market boost that the pandemic provided to the robotics industry, 2021 showed us that isolated projects based on proprietary technology carry bigger market risks than … continue reading

Five common questions about observability

Observability has emerged as a key capability that successful organizations need in order to deliver improved digital services to customers, employees and partners. It is especially relevant for today’s IT Ops environments where flexibility has given way to complexity for highly distributed and hybrid environments.  ITOps Times recently asked Sudip Datta, head of AIOps & … continue reading

premium IT resiliency guide

IT resiliency isn’t just about having 99.999% uptime; it’s more about the customer experience. If your customers aren’t able to experience the app the way you’ve intended because of a slowdown, then that will have negative implications for the business. Download this guide to learn the seven core beliefs needed to achieve resiliency, the difference … continue reading

AIOps and the evolution of the hybrid ITOM model

AIOps has been described as the future of IT operations, as intelligent automation removes much of the heavy lifting that has required people to handle and manage. Michael Fisher, product management director at OpsRamp, an IT operations management company, shared his view of AIOps and what it has meant to organizations that have adopted it. … continue reading

premium ITOps Observability Guide

You’ve likely heard the term observability being passed around for the past few years, and you might have assumed that it is just another marketing buzzword for monitoring. And you wouldn’t be alone in that thinking. Some experts would say that “Observability”, “AIOps” and “Application Performance Monitoring (APM)” are just terms used to distinguish between … continue reading

How to get from where you are to AIOps

AIOps grew out of performance monitoring. Before AIOps, organizations relied on specialists staring at dashboards in Network Operations Centers to see any system anomalies. Then, they’d page someone to alert them to the problem, who would then do an analysis of the alert and try to find the root cause. And that person might have … continue reading

ITOps 2020 predictions from around the industry

Tim Armandpour, SVP of engineering at PagerDuty Forget reliability — with the adoption of resilience engineering and the proper use of automation, operators can expect a 20% reduction in unplanned work. Today’s organizations are fixated on the reliability of their technology. But any developer can tell you that the reality is not if it will … continue reading

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