Feilong is an open-source z/VM cloud connector project under the Open Mainframe Project that aims to accelerate z/VM adoption. 

The client library is written in Python that interacts with z/VM SMAPI (System management API) of IBM Z or LinuxONE machines. According to the creators, the goal in creating the package was to make the z/VM SMAPI easy to consume by upper-layer programmers and to provide a set of APIs to be called through RESTful interfaces.

Feilong allows users to manage the VM lifecycle dynamically and automatically without deep knowledge of z/VM itself. 

Also, the process of provisioning, managing, and destroying guests is no longer necessary due to REST API and client tools. 

Further, an SDK to end users makes it easy to develop system management tools. Essentially, Feilong enables IaaS/PaaS solutions such as OpenStack or Terraform to be consumed by providing REST APIs, shortening the time to market.

Additional details on the project are available here