Cloud-native intelligent automation provider, Automation Anywhere, announced its collaboration with AWS to introduce cutting-edge intelligent automation and generative AI advancements to the market. The partnership makes effective use of Amazon SageMaker JumpStart, a service that provides access to pre-trained models sourced from open-source platforms. 

Additionally, Automation Anywhere will leverage Amazon Bedrock, an AWS fully managed service, which enables easy API-based access to pre-trained Foundation Models. 

By utilizing these resources, Automation Anywhere aims to empower customers with increased options, flexibility, and reliability for implementing generative AI solutions.

“Our vision has always been to make automation accessible to everyone, anywhere,” said Mihir Shukla, CEO and co-founder at Automation Anywhere. “Putting our cloud-native Automation Success Platform on AWS was the first step, and now through intelligent automation fused with generative AI on AWS we enable every employee in every company with the potential to transform business and reshape the way we live and work.”

In an effort to strengthen their go-to-market relationship, Automation Anywhere will leverage Amazon SageMaker Jumpstart, Amazon Bedrock, and various other AWS AI and ML services to develop generative AI-powered solutions in areas such as customer experience, document processing, and contact center intelligence. 

This strategic collaboration will enable Automation Anywhere to deliver advanced solutions that harness the power of generative AI, providing enhanced capabilities and value to their customers.

Automation Anywhere has joined the AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program, a co-sell program for AWS Partners that provides software solutions that run on or integrate with AWS. The program helps AWS Partners drive new business by directly connecting participating ISVs with the AWS Sales organization.