Kentik, a company specializing in network observability, has announced the introduction of Kentik AI, a new tool designed to simplify the process of troubleshooting complex networks for engineers, operators, architects, and developers. 

This launch aims to make it easier for professionals to identify and resolve network issues promptly and efficiently. Alongside Kentik AI, the company has also introduced a modern, AI-assisted Network Monitoring System (Kentik NMS), which focuses on enhancing teams’ ability to monitor, manage, and optimize network health and performance. This system offers real-time monitoring and alerting features to keep teams informed about the status of their networks.

By integrating generative AI throughout its platform, Kentik aims to democratize access to essential information about complex systems, making it more accessible for a wide range of users. This approach leverages the power of artificial intelligence to break down barriers to understanding and managing network intricacies, according to the company in a press release

“Historically, resolving complex network issues required network engineers to have years, if not decades, of experience,” said Avi Freedman, CEO and co-founder of Kentik. “Now anyone — a developer, SRE, or business analyst — can ask questions about their network in their preferred language and get the answers they need.”

Kentik has also introduced several innovative tools to enhance network management and observability, leveraging artificial intelligence and large language models (LLMs) to simplify complex processes. The Kentik Query Assistant utilizes an LLM infused with network-specific context. This tool allows users to ask questions about their network in natural language, enabling Kentik to provide insights and answers by tapping into its extensive data repository. 

In addition to the Query Assistant, Kentik has rolled out Kentik Journeys, an AI-assisted troubleshooting workflow designed to streamline the process of addressing complex network issues. It enables a more efficient investigation by allowing engineers to drill deeper into problems with each query, based on a comprehensive understanding of the user’s network. Kentik NMS, on the other hand, modernizes network monitoring by integrating traffic flow data with real-time, custom, and streaming device metrics on a single extensible SaaS platform. This enables engineers to correlate diverse telemetry from distributed infrastructure easily, enhancing their ability to rapidly identify and resolve network problems.