The Samsung and VMware collaboration aims to accelerate the innovation cycle for 5G through network design end-to-end and by supporting the agility required for 5G networks. 

The companies seek to help communication service providers (CSPs) meet the requirements of 5G networks and to optimize Samsung’s portfolio of telco offerings from Core to Edge to RAN for both containerized network functions (CNFs) and virtualized network functions (VNFs) with the VMWare Telco Cloud Platform. 

“As 5G continues to gain traction, CSPs will require a cloud native network that will improve the flexibility and efficiency of deploying services into new verticals faster. At the same time, CSPs can only achieve this with a cloud-first automated network designed to simplify management and operations while lowering operational costs,” VMware wrote in a post. “The Samsung and VMware collaboration aims to accelerate the innovation cycle through better network design end-to-end, and support the agility required for 5G networks.”

Samsung’s VNFs and CNFs have been and continue to be integrated with VMware’s Ready for Telco Cloud program. The VMware Ready for Telco Cloud program will support Samsung to accelerate the onboarding and deployment of their 5G-ready services on the VMware Telco Cloud Platform, thereby enabling CSPs to accelerate their time to deploy and time to revenue, according to the companies. 

“5G investments will continue to accelerate globally, and over time, CSPs will expand their focus on delivering Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) to include Ultra-Reliable Low-latency Communications (URLLC) and Massive Machine-type Communications (mMTC), leveraging new core, edge and RAN infrastructure,” said Patrick Filkins, an IDC senior research analyst. “To efficiently and simultaneously support these new services, CSPs are best-served by adopting cloud-native architectures that can provide the service agility, accelerated innovation and end-to-end optimization to meet today and tomorrow’s customer requirements. VMware and Samsung have demonstrated their leadership in 5G, and we see this partnership beneficial for CSPs as they modernize their network infrastructure.”