Yotascale, the leading choice for cloud cost management in modern digital organizations, today announced Yota AI Assist, the first-ever FinOps Copilot powered by Generative AI.

Yotascale users – CTOs, CFOs, FinOps, and engineers alike – gain access to an intelligent agent that can systematically explore their company’s cloud cost drivers eliminating 95% of the human-centric labor now spent analyzing and correlating this data. Yota AI Assist is a natural language assistant where you ask whatever you need and receive answers. CTOs and CFOs can get immediate answers to financial questions without back-and-forth with engineers and FinOps. According to Patryk Sroka at Clickup, “Nobody is doing this today. This has reduced my time spent on cloud cost management from 10 hours a week to 20 minutes. Just amazing.”

Yota AI Assist continuously analyzes your AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake, Datadog, Databricks, and other infrastructure costs providing insights and optimization recommendations for each manager based on their unique objectives and role, keeping it high level if you are the CFO and making it detailed if you are an engineer. A capability like this democratizes cloud cost data so that anyone can quickly get answers optimizing cloud computing operations at every level.

Generative AI Adoption Increases Cloud Costs and Platform Engineering Complexity

Generative AI adoption is driving steep increases in cloud computing costs while also increasing the complexity of enterprise engineering platforms.  IDC reported, shared cloud infrastructure costs increased 13.7% in Q2 2023 with a shift towards robust configurations geared towards more complex workloads and new AI initiatives. Digital business success now requires strategic management of both external cloud provider costs as well as internal consumption costs simultaneously. Yota AI Assist makes it possible for heads of engineering to manage both their cloud infrastructure and Total Platform Costs with an always-on intelligent agent.  Yotascale launched its Total Platform Cost solution earlier this year enabling customers to connect the cost of any infrastructure provider including Snowflake, DataDog, Databricks, Splunk, Jira, and many more.

Yota AI Assist can monitor platform utilization patterns and recommend adjustments to both cloud provider plans and internal use of platform engineering services. Heads of engineering can call up a list of users and instantly report on their Total Platform Costs at any moment, providing exact details on the COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) reporting for their company’s digital products. Developers can optimize applications against specific pricing plans from cloud providers. It can be set to monitor specific instances, applications, and even teams to provide alerts to humans and other applications.

Ensuring Peak Transparency with Cloud & Infrastructure Providers

“This is really good because you don’t need to click click click, just ask a question. Being able to ask about the differences between one shard vs another will be a game changer for us. This is the most common question I’m getting from my executive team. They don’t care about fancy visualizations, they want to receive straightforward answers,” continued Patryk Sroka at Clickup. “It’s a game changer because it’s difficult to understand cloud billing structure, how it’s working. Now you can ask whatever you want.”

“Our goal was to supercharge FinOps and Platform Engineering teams alike with cloud spend intelligence,” commented Asim Razzaq, CEO of Yotascale, “so they never again experience the anxiety of feeling like costs are out of control, with no path to bring them down. You don’t need an army of people to triage this information, shuffle spreadsheets, or fumble with complicated dashboards anymore. Access to this infinitely scalable solution lets companies up-level their teams to focus on bigger things and save money in other places. With direct access to Yota AI Assist, Total Platform Cost data and FinOps are fully engaged, decision-makers can get the information they need when they want it and how they want it.”