IBM expanded its zero trust strategy with new Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) services to help modernize network security. 

SASE is a new architecture model designed to address the requirements of organizations that are digitally transforming, adopting cloud and SaaS applications, and providing services to a hybrid workforce and customer base. 

The new service leverages a zero-trust approach to deliver SASE deployment, integration, and global managed security. 

IBM also announced an expanded alliance partnership with Zscaler to help deliver a fully managed transformation to a cloud-based SASE architecture, a key element of a zero-trust security posture, according to IBM. 

The new SASE approach can help users support key business drivers that include a hybrid workforce, seamless third-party access, merger & acquisition execution, and network transformation for the hybrid cloud, 5G, and IoT. 

“Traditional approaches to network security are not as viable in a digital world where users and applications are distributed. We’re seeing this transformation happen right before our eyes as many organizations plan to operate in a hybrid model for the foreseeable future,” said Mary O’Brien, the general manager of IBM Security. 

The SASE program offers:

  • Hybrid Workforce Access
  • Third-Party Access
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Network Transformation
  • 5G, Edge and IoT Protection and Support