AI security automation company Torq today announced HyperSOC, an AI-driven solution that can handle SOC responses at machine speed.

The solution helps organizations deal with such things as alert fatigue, false positives, staff burnout and attrition, according to the company’s announcement.

“Every day, IDC is engaged with SOC professionals who communicate the existential challenges they’re facing, both in terms of keeping up with ever-escalating threat complexity and volume, and the incredible burden that places on the shoulders of their teams,” Chris Kissel, Vice President, Security & Trust Products, IDC Research, said in Torq’s announcement.

HyperSOC is built on the company’s Torq Hyperautomation Platform and uses generative AI and Natural Language Processing to automatically investigate the severity of threats and provide strategic resolution, the company said. It saves SOC professionals from having to deal with triage, incident investigation and response and false positives in a manual way, it said.

Among the features Torq HyperSOC provides are: 

* Collecting, analyzing and organizing unprocessed events, and AI orders them according to severity, priority and ownership. It then handle case remediation.

*AI-driven case management from detection to resolution and handling of security responses, which enhance the organization’s security posture.

* Enabling human control of decisions and actions, to ensure AI’s recommendations align with the organization’s security posture and its tolerance for risk.