Goldpinger is a networking monitoring tool for Kubernetes that works by making calls between its instances. It runs as a DaemonSet on Kubernetes, which is used to manage groups of replicated pods on Kubernetes. It produces Prometheus metrics that can be scraped, visualised and alerted on.

“We built Goldpinger to troubleshoot, visualise and alert on our networking layer while adopting Kubernetes at Bloomberg. It has since become the go-to tool to see connectivity and slowness issues,” the developers behind the project wrote on its Github page

The repo comes with two ways of building a docker image: compiling locally, and compiling using a multi-stage Dockerfile image.

Goldpinger works by asking Kubernetes for pods with particular labels (app=goldpinger). While users can deploy Goldpinger in a variety of ways, it works well as a DaemonSet out of the box, according to the project’s maintainers.

It also supports using a kubeconfig (specify with –kubeconfig-path) or service accounts.

Users will need docker version 17.05+ installed to support multi-stage builds.