AppViewX, a global leader in network automation, today announced the launch of AppViewX 12.4 at the F5 Agility event. With the new version of the platform, NetOps and SecOps teams can leverage low-code automation on an enterprise-ready platform.

The AppViewX 12.4 release will include more pre-packaged automation workflows and elements to enable speedy and efficient service delivery. Automation engineers can access these reference workflows from GitHub. The platform also extends its certificate automation support to include code signing certificates, SSL/TLS certificates on firewalls/web-application firewalls, and IoT certificates.

“AppViewX is always enhancing its automation strategy to innovate ahead of the rest of the industry,” said Mark Vondemkamp, EVP Marketing and Business Development at AppViewX. “With the launch of AppViewX 12.4, customers can easily create custom network automation by dragging, dropping and connecting workflow elements. Our visual and intuitive network automation will help enterprises achieve true infrastructure agility to bridge the gap between the business and IT.”

Key Benefits of AppViewX 12.4:

  • Enhanced pre-packaged, customizable, and modular visual workflow automation.
  • Secure device management and automation through CyberArk integration.
  • Broader multi-vendor and multi-device certificate lifecycle management and automation.
  • Increased private key security with HSM integration.
  • Improved load balancer, firewall and WAF management with valuable insights from actionable dashboards.

With AppViewX 12.4, users can leverage powerful, low-code automation workflows to securely discover, manage, design and automate network services in multi-vendor infrastructures. The new version of the platform offers multiple feature enhancements across its suite of products – ADC+CERT+SSH+SECURITY+ and AUTOMATION+.

AppViewX 12.4 is generally available (GA) to customers. To experience the new benefits in the platform, please click here.