NetObjex, based in Irvine, California, and Trusted Objects, based in Aix-en-Provence, France, today entered into a partnership agreement to introduce highly secure solutions into IoT networks.

As smart devices become more pervasive across multiple domains, security continues to be an area of concern.  To this end, NetObjex, a leading Digital Asset Management platform which utilizes IoT and Blockchain technologies, today unveiled its vision for secure edge computing infrastructures.

“Securing edge computing infrastructures is a challenging problem in various domains where devices are largely unmanned.  We have felt that one needs a comprehensive set of solutions to help deter and thwart threats and attacks.  Our partnership with Trusted Objects is an important step in utilizing both hardware and software approaches in helping build and safeguard edge computing devices,” stated said Raghu Bala, CEO of NetObjex.

The NetObjex Digital Asset Management platform provides enterprises and organizations with more effective means for asset tracking and tracing along with better tools for measuring performance, efficiency and utilization of assets.  The NetObjex platform is also used as blockchain middleware for off-chain processing, searching across chains, data aggregation across chains and more.  It has use cases in Manufacturing, Supply Chain/Logistics, Automotive/Transportation, and Smart Cities.

“We are taking a three-pronged approach toward edge device security.  First, we use Trusted Objects’ Secure Elements to help ensure that only authorized devices enter our space.  Second, using Key Servers within the NetObjex ecosystem will ensure a trusted source for devices without any external dependencies.  Finally, securing software over-the-air software distributions through blockchain technology enables greater auditability.”

“The Trusted Objects security solutions for IoT are a solid deterrent in this day and age where hacks and attacks are rampant.  Enterprises can now provide solutions with a higher degree of integrity in their data collected through this partnership with NetObjex,” added Jean-Pierre Delesse, COO of Trusted Objects.