BMC, a global leader in IT solutions for the digital enterprise, today expanded its market-leading Control-M Managed File Transfer offering to include support for all file transfers – internal and external, in the cloud or on-premises – from a single, end-to-end digital business automation platform. With BMC’s Control-M solution, companies have instant visibility into the status of file transfers and business application workloads, increasing efficiency and control of business services.

 Digital business demands having fully integrated and automated operations across entire workflow process

As companies navigate their digital business transformations, they need to ensure seamless processes across both their multi-cloud and on-premises applications. File transfers are a critical part of the business process and must be managed as part of the business process.

Modern enterprise operations are dependent upon file transfers with different applications and systems, yet using multiple methods prevents companies from having fully integrated and automated operations. As file transfers continue to rise, companies need a solution that delivers enterprise-level automation to file transfers, provides a single point of control that lowers risks and remediation costs, and expedites issue resolutions that are critical for business continuity.

“There is an automation mandate underway as businesses grapple with the growing challenges brought about by digital transformation,” said Gur Steif, president, digital business automation at BMC. “Companies rely on file transfers to accelerate their internal, partner ecosystem and customer transactions across multi-cloud and on-premises applications, where speed, security, and audit reporting are absolute requirements. With the latest extension of our Control-M Managed File Transfer capabilities, our customers are realizing bottom-line benefits, including breaking down silos, reducing costs and errors, scaling the business faster, and improving file transfer transparency with graphical reporting and audit functions.”

“Managing heterogeneous data flows is one of the fundamental challenges for today’s IT administrators,” states James Kobielus, lead analyst for big data at Wikibon. “Enterprises increasingly need to work with data that is stored, managed, and processed in two or more internal and external environments. Traditionally, this has required separate tools for each of the various data movement pipelines, such as file transfers, database replications, distributed updates, and real-time streams. We expect that more organizations will seek greater efficiencies by converging these flows into unified backbones. This will allow those jobs to be automated around the clock from end to end without sacrificing security, visibility, and control.”

Control-M Managed File Transfer empowers IT professionals with the right solutions to support the challenges organizations face with diverse infrastructure, disparate data sources, and accelerated applications while on their digital transformation journey.

Simplify and automate file transfer management
With organizations managing an increasing number of business applications, it is critical to maintain status visibility to business service delivery and related file transfers. By combining traditional managed file transfer capabilities with application workflow automation in a single platform view across the entire enterprise, companies can streamline organizational silos resulting in fewer errors, faster problem remediation, and higher quality digital service delivery. Businesses are no longer required to integrate multiple file transfer solutions or manually script or trace transfers across multiple solutions to resolve issues.

Today, with Control-M Managed File Transfer, BMC gives users control of file transfers with a dashboard that gives instant visibility into the status of internal and external file transfers with a unified view, enhanced security with encryption options, and reduced risk of downtime with automated monitoring and recovery features.

The Control-M Managed File Transfer solution helps customers visualize file transfer status, understand application workflow impact, and deliver mission critical business services dependent on file transfers. The solution allows customers to:

  • Integrate file transfers from a central automation platform
  • Proactively manage service level agreements with robust dashboards and analytics
  • Easily address compliance requests with comprehensive reporting tools
  • Safely transfer files in and out of cloud environments, internally and externally

Driving innovation in Control-M, the market-leading digital business automation solution
The addition of Managed File Transfer enhancements to the Control-M solution highlights BMC’s continued commitment to add new innovations to the industry’s leading digital business automation platform.

Today’s announcement complements additional capabilities recently introduced for Control-M, which help customers build, deploy, and manage their business application workflows faster, and with continuity and confidence.

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